About Maz

"What is a Maz?" you might ask. Well, to be honest, no-one's entirely sure. Not even her.

Most theorists would say that she is from a small, rainy town somewhere in New Zealand - which might explain why she is part amphibian. Others would probably tell you that she is not from this world at all.

If asked, she would most likely say that she attended Miss Cacklepot's School for Wayward Goblins as a child, although this is unlikely to be true. She did, however, grow up with a troubling disregard for most human culture and has been known to spend quite a lot of time snickering at religion, politics and the monetary system.

Many have taken this attitude to mean that Maz dislikes all things, but this is a gross miscalculation. It has been discovered that she has a great fondness for things that others consider unimportant, such as science-fiction, fantasy, and existential horror. In fact, she has quite often mentioned that she idolizes Sir Terry Pratchett, J.K. Rowling and Brian Froud.

It's not surprising, then, that she has spent so much of her life drawing and writing, and is so far responsible for the creation of several universes - most of which she still feels deviously pleased about.